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Boost your business with Helperpress – the ultimate multi-module widget. With 2 powerful modules currently available and more to come, effortlessly add and organize business resources. Accept inquiries, support requests, and collect valuable leads. compatible with all WordPress themes and most plugins!

WordPress Based Multi Module Help And Support Widget That Is Suitable For ->


Software, plugins, extensions, tools, courses, digital books…ETC)


SEO, writing, social media, design, development, advertising…ETC)


Drop shipping, single product sites and multiple product shops


HelperPress, Multipurpose Widget That you Need

Helperpress is a multipurpose multi-module WordPress help and support plugin. With Helperpress you can create and deploy a fully customizable widget to help and support your customers in whichever way you want.



Currently, we offer 2 unique modules. Content module, which acts as an easy to use, on site knowledge base, and form Module, which you can customize to handle questions, support, leads...ETC) Plus more modules coming soon!



With our widget, you have the flexibility to decide whether it appears on all pages, remains hidden on specific pages, or is displayed only on certain selected pages. customized experience for your customers, ensuring they see the widget exactly when and where you want them to.


Customize your widget by selecting a name or adding a branded logo. You can also include a title and subtitle. If the form module is enabled, feel free to personalize the form button to suit your needs and make any necessary adjustments as per your preferences.


Everything With
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Helperpress?

Helperpress is a multipurpose multi module WordPress plugin. With Helperpress you can create and deploy a fully customizable widget to help and support your customers.

What is Fremius?

Our plugin runs through Freemius. Freemius is a trusted platform that manages subscriptions, payment processing, and updates just to name a few of its benefits. it makes our job easier.

What are the benefits of using helperpress widget?

Plenty of benefits. It gives you the ability to help and support customers, it’s flexible and customizable, fast, responsive and secure, and much cheaper than cloud-based solutions. it saves you money otherwise spent on unreliable and expensive cloud-based solutions. Helperpress was built to give you control and will continue to evolve into much more of what it is right now.


Will Helperpress widget slow down my website?

No. We have optimized the widget from the very beginning to be fast, reliable, and responsive at scale. it needs minimum resources to operate, of course, you must scale your server resources as your business grow especially in terms of traffic.


Can I set up the widget to display in a specific web page?

Yes. You can display the widget wherever you want on your website. We have URL-based display settings where you can select a single or multi-page of your website to show the widget. we have three options. display on all pages, display only on pages, or hide on pages, which gives you complete control.


Will Helperpress widget work with different language other than English?

Yes. Helperpress supports RTL and LTR text, so you can display the widget in whatever language you want.


What about future updates?

Helperpress is going to grow further with more Additional widget modules like FAQ, Social, News, and lots of supporting features and functions on top, like advanced analytics. We will also introduce AI for easier creation of text, images, and videos through OpenAI GPT models. On top of that, we will introduce a variety of integrations where you can integrate with all your tools, for example, Chat, CRM, helpdesk, scheduling, booking, automation…ETC)